Tropical Lights™ Candle Oils are 99.5% pure liquid paraffin. Smokeless & Odorless.
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Tropical Lights Candle & Lamp Oils™ are odorless, smokeless and non-combustible, 99.5% pure liquid paraffin fuels. The highest quality Candle and Lamp Oils on the market. Tropical Lights Candle and Lamp Oils™ are available in 16 Tropical colors for you to choose from. A color for any room ... any time.
Lamp owners, who have the finest oil candles and accessories, require a fuel product that enhances the look and performance of the lamps they use. The typical Tropical Lights customer, as we have found, want to enhance their oil lamp purchase to make a statement with beautiful colors, as well as, enjoyable warmth of light.

What makes Tropical Lights Candle and Lamp Oils™ so special, it is the color and quality that can be seen. Equally important, is the virtually smokeless and odorless output, that provides a super clean burn, without leaving any damaging residue
One ounce of Tropical Lights® oil burns about six (6) hours, depending upon the size of the flame.
Use each candle/lamp oil color to create a decorator look.

There is no unpleasant odor when the lamp is lit, a fact that is so familiar with other kerosene based lamp oils. For optimum lamp efficency, we strongly recommend you use only Tropical Lights® Candle and Lamp Oil in your lamps.

Fill several lamps, with different colors, to create a festive look. Great for Holidays or any special occasion.

For everyday use simply change the candle/lamp oil color to match the decor of any room in your home.
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